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Love and Respect Conference

Click for details and to register for conference in your region of Kentucky!
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Love and Lordship Events

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The Art of Marriage Conference

Check back for updates on Art of Marriage conferences!
Marriage . . . Enrich Yours, Strengthen Others!

Husband – Tell your wife what you love about her. Wife – Tell your husband why you believe in him. Then, STOP and kiss for (at least) 10 seconds!

Marriage and Relationship Events

We offer the following events –
“Love & Respect Video Conference”
Cost – Varies with Host Church
“Art of Marriage Video Conference”
Cost – Varies with Host Church
General Schedule (both conferences)
Fridays, 6:00 – 10:00pm
Saturdays, 8:00am – 1:30pm
“Love and Lordship Events” – Host Church determines schedule/cost
Contact us – 255.5400 or greg@kentuckyfamily.org

Marriage and Faith in Kentucky

Marriage, Freedom and Christ’s Church Our religious freedoms have now been diminished, if not completely dismissed, with one Court decision […]

Marriage in Kentucky

What Makes for a Lasting Marriage? Isn’t this a question that all of us who are (or desire to be, […]